Philip the Sea Lion

1 Jun

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Philip the Sea Lion

2 Oct

To read Philip from the beginning, visit

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Philip the Sea Lion

11 Mar

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Philip the Sea Lion

11 Nov

philip.deanasobel.Vermont retreat

Philip the Sea Lion

2 Jul

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Philip the Sea Lion

6 Mar

Philip.deanasobel.medal textdeanasobel.philip.philip's medalphilip.deanasobel.philipcampaignspeechphilip.deanasobel.liam balloonsdeanasobel.philip.liamhelpscampaigntextphilip.deanasobel.philipinaugurationfinal

Philip the Sea Lion

8 Nov

Philip the Sea Lion

5 Sep

Hullo! Philip would like you to know that Part I of his story is now available on iTunes, Amazon, and Lulu! Now you can read Philip before bed, or in a boat, while riding a horse, or flying a kite. Without having to scroll backwards!

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Philip the Sea Lion

11 Jun

Philip the Sea Lion

30 Apr

Philip the Sea Lion

26 Mar


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