Philip the Sea Lion Posters!

Dear Readers,

I’m planning to print Philip the Sea Lion posters for my etsy store.  I’m having trouble deciding which illustrations to use, so I thought I’d ask you!

Which Philip drawing do you think should be a poster?  Please leave your vote in the comments section below!

Many thanks!

Deana (& Philip)

P.S. Philip wants you to know he was on Sabado Gigante earlier!

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Philip is a webcomic by Deana Sobel Lederman You can visit Deana at All content © 2021 Deana Sobel Lederman

11 thoughts on “Philip the Sea Lion Posters!

  1. I love this picture for poster too because it explains/shows what the story is about- a sea lion in New York city and his life and adventures there!

  2. I think “The thing about falling in love…” needs to be a poster, and stands alone without the storyline.

    If you’re making posters of other things, the line of children in red coats and blue caps will be a big seller for educators’ offices at all levels, and parents, too. My 2cents!

  3. Ok I’ll definitely be printing “The thing about falling in love” (Nov. 9). The second poster will either be Philip at the party where “All the girls wanted to be his partner” (Sept. 14) or “Ever since he could remember” (Dec. 21, 2010). I’ll keep u posted!

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